Colombian Coffee

Coffee is one of the many things that people experiment and develop great liking and taste for. Coffee lovers are all around the world and they indulge in experimenting with the various types of coffees in the world. 

Coffee is of various types in the world which ranges not only by the species of the coffee bean but also the roasting process and the brewing process. The various types of coffee bean makes a world of difference apart from the roasting and brewing process itself. 

There are many kinds of coffee beans in the world like Colombian coffee, Brazilian Coffee, Ethiopian coffee, French Coffee, etc. Most of these are named by either the region the coffee beans originate from or the process of brewing such as the French Press Coffee. Of all the coffees in the world, perhaps the most famous is the Colombian coffee

What is Colombian Coffee?

Colombian coffee is not a species of coffee beans but in fact the coffee that grows in Colombia. Colombia is a country in South America and is one of the most visited tropical holiday spots. It has amazing weather and receives plentiful rainfall throughout the year. 

The land is generally on a higher terrain and therefore is excellent to grow coffee beans. Colombian coffee is in fact Arabica Coffee Beans but the kind that grows in Colombia. 

There are two kinds of coffee beans in the world – Robusta Coffee and Arabica Coffee beans. Although both have some similar qualities, Robusta coffee is dark and bitter whereas Arabica coffee is golden and sweet. Arabica coffee has a mild citrusy flavour which is unique to this type of coffee blend. 

Colombian coffee in specific has a bitter sweet citrusy flavour that makes it rich, mildly sweet, golden with a citrusy aftertaste which is unique to Colombia. Tourists and Coffee Enthusiasts often go around experimenting with the various types of coffee and it is a fact that authentic Colombian coffee from native Colombia is one of the best coffees in the world. 

Most coffee lovers would pride Colombian coffee for its exotic flavour and mildly sweet blend. The coffee is rich, luxurious and silky with a semi-dark flavour. Unlike Robusta Coffee, Arabica coffee is not too bitter and is therefore suited for a larger scope of audience. 

Enjoying Colombian Coffee

Two different things are experiencing and recreating a cup of Colombian coffee at home. People who love coffee often invest in coffee machines and buy expensive coffee beans. Having a cup of coffee such as Colombian Coffee in an expensive coffee shop is a unique and thrilling experience, but recreating the same at home may be quite difficult. 

Colombian coffee is available to purchase and is resold by many retailers over the internet and in exclusive coffee stores. Colombian coffee is exported from Colombia and to recreate a perfect cup of Colombian coffee, buying authentic Colombian coffee beans is important. Only the original coffee beans from Colombia could provide the same taste and luxurious blend. 

Roasting these beans to perfection and then brewing them in the right manner is important to achieve the best blend. Colombian coffee is best enjoyed as an Espresso but can also be used to make fabulous and rich Lattes, Mochas and Cappuccinos. Cold brew coffees and Creamy cold coffees are also excellent choices that can be made from Colombian Coffee.